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The Very Basic Menswear Essentials for Every Closet


đź‘ŤLove this! It’s always better to invest in classic timeless items that you can wear for years to come. Who ever said that practicality was not fashionable???

Originally posted on AmericanDapper:

True knowledge of personal style is not entirely natural, it is a learned through trial and error. In my youth, I certainly made some interesting mistakes with my style, so to help those who are just developing their sense of self in regards to fashion, here is an informational guide to the certain very basic menswear essentials courtesy of PutThisOn that every young man should own. Treat this guide as a checklist, and you will have a strong foundation to build upon in the future.

The key point to note is that fashion does not need to be extremely expensive.  Yes, fashion can of course be fabulously expensive, however a man with a true eye for style can dress on a budget.  My key advice is always keep one signature piece and this will be the focus of your outfit.

basic menswear essentials

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